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I am a Principal Computational Linguist in the Human Language Technology Department at MITRE, a federally-funded non-profit research and development center. I specialize in Persian language processing and social media analytics, with emphasis on the study of low-density languages. I have experience in research and development in the areas of grammar development, machine translation, information extraction, and lexical semantics. My theoretical linguistic research has focused on the study of complex predicates, the interface of syntax and semantics, and the definition of the word. I also have experience in Heritage Language analysis and pedagogy in Persian and Armenian.

I am currently Adjunct Faculty at the Communication, Culture and Technology department, at Georgetown University.


My current research focuses on the relationship between language in online media (blogs, Twitter) and associated socio-political issues -- with emphasis on online community detection, language characteristics of social groups, language change and variation, sentiment analysis, and automatic framing and narrative analysis.

I am also very interested in linguistically-informed NLP systems, especially in the domain of Sentiment Analysis and the identification and interpretation of Multi-Word Expressions and event analysis.


    - PhD in Linguistics (2002), University of Southern California
    - currently doing a Graduate Certificate in Computational Social Science (2015 expected), George Mason University
    - MA in Linguistics, University of Southern California
    - BS in Physics, University of Southern California


    - Persian, Eastern Armenian, English, French (native/near-native)
    - Western Armenian, Italian, Spanish (reading and basic conversation proficiency)
    - Basic working knowledge of Arabic

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