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What is a Zoorna?  Well, the real spelling should be Zurna apparently. It's an armenian musical instrument, also used in Turkey.  Unlike the melodious sounding Duduk, the Zurna tends to have an annoying loud sound that gets to your brain after a while. My mother used to call me a Zurna when I bugged her too much as a kid ...
See zurna description  and  Zurna on Wiki.
Here's instructions on how to play the Zurna
Audio clips:  Zurna melody and a wedding party song ;  and a Duduk clip: Dle Yaman

Other stuff

    I'm always busy. So when I'm not working, I'm probably writing or playing music (piano mainly). I'm into different types of folk dances. Here's me in flamenco class and armenian group dance. Here's another one (swan dance). I've belly danced too, but no photos! Thinking of getting back to horseback riding. I was into photography for a while, but ...

Some photos

  • travel photos. Photos of Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Istanbul, Iran, Armenia, Egypt, USA, Mexico.
  • selected portraits. People (and cats) I've run into during my travels.

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